Welcome to the media platform «Further training – Encouraging»

Your training module will start soon. We are again focusing on «quality Y+S activities» - this time with a particular focus on the action domain «Encouraging». This domain shows how you, as a Y+S leader, can contribute to the positive development in young people. It centres around health and life skills, which will help build character. This can be particularly beneficial within sport activities.

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We want to motivate you to empower children and adolescents in their personal development as part of your Y+S activity, both within and outside of sport.
This module will provide you with specific recommendations. As a means of preparation, familiarise yourself with the topic by reading the following two pages («Support personal development» as well as «Building relationships and strengthening the team»)
Click your way through the pictures to prepare yourself for this module. For the course itself select two situations that you have experienced yourself or choose a similar personal experience.

Supporting personal development
Building relationships and strengthening the team